RPA & IA Strategy That Scales - Guaranteed

We partner with organizational leaders to create long-term automation strategic roadmap that scales beyond 10-20 bots to achieve an advanced stage of automation maturity to realize 80-90% cost savings, 100% transaction accuracy, unsurpassed compliance, and a positive ROI within 12 months

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We Create Long-Term Strategies That Scale For a Continual Positive ROI

Imagine automated processes that are 10x faster than manual tasks performed by humans. Not only 10x faster, but 100% accurate, and a positive ROI. These types of projects break-even in 12 months or less.

How would a positive ROI affect your top/bottom line?

A sound automation strategy that scales is key to long-term success.

Here is how we define an Automation Strategy that Scales. Growth in Delivery Volume, Intelligence, and Complexity.

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“...most RPA initiatives continue to be small and piecemeal, with truly scaled RPA deployments are rare (only 13% of clients boast any true scale to date). The industry is still struggling to solve challenges around the process, change, talent, training, infrastructure, security, and governance..."
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How do we help you scale automation that achieves 10x Faster Processing, which is 100% Accurate with a Positive ROI within 12 months?

  • By using a very specific process that we’ve developed to deliver the results you desire

Here is what market research firms are reporting about RPA/IA Strategy, Scaling, and ROI.

"More than half of all RPA programs worldwide employ fewer than 10 bots," and it's research also indicates that "less than 19% of RPA installations are at an advanced stage of maturity."


Have you only deployed 10-20 bots and want to deploy more for advanced maturity? 

"...only a tiny minority (3 percent) of progressive leaders have reached any form of scale with more than 50 robots in service."

Do you want to be in this minority of progressive leaders and stay ahead of your competitors? 

"58% of the companies consider operational scalability to be a top business priority"

RPA can help you meet your business priorities!

"By 2021, 50% of RPA implementations will fail to deliver a sustainable ROI."

Do you want to be in the 50% of RPA implementations that deliver a sustainable ROI?

Contact us and we’ll share a few ideas how to build an RPA & IA strategy that Scales with a Positive ROI – Guaranteed!

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I was worried that an investment in RPA/AI would not bring about promised results and then we would look foolish in falling for the hype. After 12 months, I am very pleased with the results of automating nearly 40 manual processes. One example is the automation of over 1000 daily inbound customer emails received by our customer service department. With so many emails coming in, we had a significant backlog. This manual work was negatively impacting customer experience. Nearly 100% of inbound emails are now processed by a bot freeing up customer reps to do what they are meant to do, provide excellent customer service.”
Satisfied RPA Client, Department Head, Consumer Services Company
Department Head, Consumer Services Company

We’ve Helped Executives and Department Heads Like You Reach Their Department Strategic Goals

Solutions We Deliver

  • Ability to meet demand & create capacity to scale
  • Selection governance to select right processes
  • Improved employee and customer experience
  • Eliminated 100% compliance and regulatory issues
  • Created 100% transparency of RPA cost-benefit
  • Non-threatening Change Management process
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61% of respondents acknowledge that their firms often struggle to bridge the gap between strategy formulation and its day-to-day implementation

I’m very concerned that software robots will go rouge and become uncontrolled putting company assets/data at risk. I have completed changed my opinion about software robots. In fact, bots are inherently more secure than human workers. Bots have a business role defined by our Identity and Access Management group. Even humans running bots have a role defined and limited in the console where the bots run. Internal audit has come to appreciate the log file reports that capture all actions taken by bots. Really phenomenal.”
Satisfied RPA Customer, IT Director, Insurance Company

IT Director, Insurance Company

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I’m the founder of Automation Strategy Consultants where we work with Executives who are tired of instability and uncertainty in their digital transformation programs. Our expertise will help you achieve a well-defined roadmap to success — even if you are not convinced RPA & IA is the right tool to include in your digital transformation ecosystem.

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