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First About You

Many organizations are contemplating starting an automation initiative or have decided to restart their automation journey.

  • But organizations do not know where to start

So, rather than just jumping in

  • Organizations do nothing, or
  • They make several false starts

Worse still, organizations start, deploy automation solutions only to discover they

  • Selected the wrong processes and automation tools
  • Did not have an effective communication channel
  • Did not define their operating model

in advance for efficient delivery.

Much of the industry news around automation technology, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), is confusing and unclear.

  • There are promises of large and fast ROI, but organizations are experiencing unmet promises
  • Organizations have failed to identify and define the value that will result in a positive ROI

Too often, automation is focused on such things as

  • The number of software robots deployed; This type of metric is the wrong focus.
  • Reduction in labor hours is important, but there is much more offered from automating manual tasks that drive value-added benefits.

About Us

The founder, Charles Dents, founded Automation Strategy Consultants to help organizations

  • Identify and get all possible benefits from automation
  • Create clarity for their Automation (RPA & IA) initiative at scale (growth)
  • Create organizational transparency for cost-benefit of automation
  • Create clearly defined analytics for reporting positive ROI.

      Our ideal clients are decision-makers seeking enterprise-level automation solutions to deliver any of the above value-added benefits.

      We DO NOT work with non-decision makers, anyone looking for physical robots, or those looking to deploy just a handful of automated processes.

      We develop solutions to meet your immediate short-term needs, a multi-year roadmap to meet your future state goals.

      Our Services

      At Automation Strategy Consultants, we create Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Automation strategies that scale – Guaranteed!

      Automation Strategy That Scales

      To be fair, the definition of scale can mean something different from company to company and from one person to the next.

      We define SCALE with three pillars of growth.

      1. Delivery: Ability to meet organizational delivery demands
      2. Intelligence: Extending the capability of software robots with Artificial Intelligence enabled tools
      3. Complexity: Move from simple to complex Automation to deliver greater value

      Automation Strategy Consultants help organizations realize a positive ROI by Identifying value to get all possible benefits from Automation.

      ROI Calculation

      The basic formula principle for calculating ROI is

      • ROI = (Gain from the investment – Cost of investment) / Cost of investment

      Organizations must look deeper to understand the value of their Automation initiative.

      The following are key components for calculating Automation ROI in addition to the basic ROI calculation.

      • Cost of automation investment
        • Vendor
        • Software licenses
        • Hardware / Cloud
      • Cost of staff to discover, build and deploy
      • Cost to automate processes
      • Cost of deployed Automation
      • Cost of staff to support and maintain
      • Cost of software robots (investment) performing tasks vs. humans (salary)

      Our unique Strategic Framework will Produce Guaranteed Results and provide structure for tracking Automation value.

      Value-added benefits of Automation are many

      When automation initiatives follow a proven framework, you get:

      • Solutions delivered in weeks vs. months or years that it takes for traditional IT projects
      • Ability to quickly increase or scale digital staff
      • 100% of data processing accuracy
      • 100% compliance with governance controls
      • Increased ability to collect data insights
      • Clearer and more concise data analytics

      If you are a decision-maker seeking enterprise-level automation solutions to deliver any of the above value-added benefits, we want to work with you.

      We develop strategic solutions to meet your immediate short-term needs and a multi-year roadmap to meet your long-term future state goals.

      Do you need

      • Help to create a competitive advantage with Automation?
      • To speed up the adoption of Automation?
      • Help to deploy innovative solutions that scale?

      If your answer is yes to any of those questions, schedule a free consultation below to discuss how we can help you with your automation journey.

      Our Mission

      Charles Dents, President, RPA Consultant, Automation Strategy Consultants

      Our mission is to help our clients deploy innovative solutions and maximize their strategic investment to create competitive advantages, speed up the adoption of Digital Transformation, including Process, Intelligent, and Cognitive Automation.

      Principles on which our business is founded

      • Integrity first – Honor commitments to clients
      • Do the right thing, always – No excuse for not doing what is right
      • Focus on solutions – Identify the problem, focus on solutions
      • Stay humble and curious – We don't know it all, so embrace opportunities to learn
      • Better than before – Every engagement is better than when we arrived
      • Innovation is good – Show intellectual curiosity, be adventurous and creative

      Does your operating model not have the capacity to scale to meet your organization's RPA & IA demand?

      Book your free 30-minute consultation where we talk about your business — and explore whether our expertise can help you achieve your goals.

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