Build an enterprise RPA strategy that scales

Build an enterprise RPA strategy that scales

Build an enterprise RPA strategy that scales

Build an enterprise RPA strategy that scales

Build an enterprise RPA strategy that scales

The deployment of software robots is to automate business processes to achieve maximum gains. And that is why organizations with a large workforce must focus on developing and applying RPA strategies that scale.

When an enterprise RPA strategy is scalable, the best results are always guaranteed. This article highlights the path for creating and applying scalable enterprise RPA strategies.

Candidate process

Consider a long-term approach when considering a process for selecting candidates for the RPA initiative. Automation starts first by selecting the right process or processes. Adapting the right process candidate selection framework is a strategy that will lead to selecting the best processes for automation time after time.

When developing an effective enterprise RPA strategy, identifying processes most suitable for automation is crucial. Those processes include routine processes that are well understood and documented. The automation of the right candidate process will significantly improve productivity and scalability.

A well-designed selection framework is key to selecting the right process candidates across business units, departments, and groups. Organizations naturally adopt RPA as a business solution when there is a repeatable way of scaling the program.

To scale enterprise RPA effectively, start with processes that meet the selection framework criteria. This strategic approach will guarantee success and ensure scalability.

Proven process selection criteria:

  1. Repeatable rules-based processes
  2. Structured data
  3. Susceptible to human error
  4. High volume
  5. Stable process
  6. Simple standard processes

Also, see “7 Proven Tips For Selecting the RIGHT Process” for details on selecting the right processes.

Effective team

Scalable enterprise RPA strategies encompass the creation of a team behind the growth. When the automation needs of the business expand, and a need to scale arises, the enabling environment determines success.

The enabling environment for enterprise RPA includes a highly skilled team and effective tools and technologies. Creating and maintaining a highly skilled team is an important part of an enterprise RPA strategy.

Building an enterprise RPA strategy that scales involves ensuring the team has required resources, access, security, and tools. To build an enterprise RPA strategy that is scalable, invest in your RPA team, and create an operating model to meet increasing demands.

Continuity plan

The effective scalability of any process or venture is dependent on the establishment of a continuity plan. When scaling enterprise RPA, developing a continuity plan is especially important because the larger the scale of automation, the higher the need to ensure smooth operations at all times. It becomes counterproductive to not create a continuity plan when deploying software bots on a large scale.

When deploying software bots on a large scale, the establishment of a continuity plan becomes necessary. Particularly for situations such as system failures, natural disasters, and pandemics. A sudden change in business activity would require activation of the continuity plan.

Thus, a scalable enterprise RPA strategy should address continuity plans with measures such as mirrored systems established to cater to system failures. Utilizing cloud technology can also be part of continuity plans. The continuity plan will be necessary for situations of a sudden increase in business demand when the deployment of software bots become necessary. Also, be sure the continuity plan is a flexible approach to address on-premise, off-premise, and telework.

Finally, building an enterprise RPA program that scales is important for achieving maximum gains from faster and more productive processes.


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