RPA and AI digital transformation

4 Ways RPA and AI are strategic enablers of digital transformation

4 Ways RPA and AI are strategic enablers of digital transformation


The power of business operations is technology. As businesses have embraced the digitalization of activities, more enterprises have become reliant on technology. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) play an essential role in helping businesses digitalize their operations.

This article aims to examine how RPA and AI contribute as strategic enablers to businesses’ digital transformation. Should you be looking for more information on these topics or have a particular interest in them, this is the ideal place to start.


1. Businesses are becoming more customer-centric than ever


What do the best companies do? They design business products and services with a focus on serving the customer to create a business advantage. Customer experience is essential to be a leader in any field and grow and maintain a large customer base. Organizations use technology to understand their clients’ preferences. They develop products and services suited to these preferences. Technology powers the customer-centric activities of businesses to create a business advantage.


2. RPA is responsible for enhanced efficiency of processes


The design of RPA technology brings rapid improvement to productivity. Businesses can achieve high returns with minimal investments when deploying RPA technology solutions. RPA is especially suitable for enhancing the speed of well-established routine processes. Particularly processes that follow a repeatable set of business rules.

The application of RPA delivers many excellent outcomes. Improved productivity and positive returns are top benefits. Organizations get a competitive edge with RPA. They do so because of quick and easy solution deployment, improved client satisfaction, and reduced operations cost.


3. AI allows businesses to make sense of large volumes of data


In the age of big data, AI is a natural fit for companies. It’s able to make sense of large volumes of data and use it to predict customer behaviour. It also helps in optimizing supply chain management when items are running low or predicting machine failure before there’s an actual breakdown.

In this digital era, Businesses can’t be successful without using artificial intelligence (AI). AI’s ability to make sense of large amounts of data allows a business to have insight into their customers’ needs and behaviours, leading to better service for the customer. When you look at all the benefits of having an AI, they’re easy to see why every company should be investing in them!


4. Digital transformation in businesses includes simple and complex processes


Forms of technology, such as AI, have enabled businesses to improve productivity in a significant way. This is seen in the personalization of services by applying AI and the automation of basic processes with RPA software robots.

Digital transformation empowers organizations to improve customer and employee experiences. RPA then enables digital transformation by speeding up operations. The ease of incorporation of RPA into existing systems requires minimal investment for a positive return.

Businesses adopt digital transformation measures to improve competencies. It becomes realized with the application of RPA. RPA enhances existing applications and systems with seamless integration. The scalability of RPA also makes it an essential enabler of digital transformation across all business sectors. As the needs of a business increase, the flexibility of RPA allows for adaptation towards the necessary change.




  • RPA and AI are part of a mix of technologies required for achieving digital transformation.
  • AI helps organizations create the best customer experience.
  • RPA powers the smooth and efficient running of processes to create a positive ROI.


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Charles Dents, President, Automation Strategy Consultants

President, Automation Strategy Consultants

Charles Dents

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