Charles Dents, President, Automation Strategy Consultants

Fundamental Principles of Leadership

Integrity, Core Values, and Ethics

I enjoyed sharing the topic Fundamental Principles of Leadership (Integrity, Core Values, and Ethics) with young aspiring leaders of the Evolution of Leadership group.

The topic was from the perspective of my own core beliefs and principles.

That was the best way that I knew how to communicate these character traits.

You can listen to the full replayhere.

I shared that growing up poor to parents with limited education led to life lessons in leadership, such as

🔑 Be fair in your treatment of others
🔑 Humbleness
🔑 Helping others who are in need
🔑 Putting others needs above your own

Key takeaways:


👑 Honesty at its core
👑 Should guide decisions
👑 Creates a path for success
👑 Honest communication, even if others don’t like it (you’ll gain their respect)
👑 It matters whom you roll with (your circle)
👑 Lead with integrity

Core Values

💡 Foundation for leadership behavior
💡 Do the right thing, always – No excuses
💡 Listen and help others grow
💡 Focus on solutions to problems, not people as the problem
💡 Be humble with intellectual curiosity
💡 Leave everything better than you found it


🏆 Don’t steal others ideas
🏆 Don’t take credit for someone else’s success
🏆 Make a good name for yourself
🏆 Show gratitude to others
🏆 Recognize right and wrong – be woke

We’re here to help you succeed.

Do these principles resonate with you? Contact us and let’s discover if we can be of mutual benefit!

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