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Increase Competitive Advantage – Automate Manual Tasks

Automate Manual tasks.

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Do you have boring repetitive manual tasks that are error-prone? Processes that need temporary workers and create audit compliance nightmares?

What type of manual tasks to consider for automation? The most common selection criteria are…

  1. Repeatable rules-based processes
  2. Structured data and readable input
  3. Susceptible to human error
  4. High transaction volume
  5. Stable and well-defined processes
  6. Simple standard processes
  7. Low exceptions
  8. Stable applications with infrequent changes

Industry research suggests that 30-50% of initial RPA projects will fail. One primary reason for these failures is selecting the wrong processes for automation. To get the very best results from RPA, choosing the right processes is paramount.

Automate manual tasks that meet the right criteria. When selecting processes for automation, start with small and straightforward tasks. Process owners and subject matter experts to get a surprise when assessing processes. Why? No matter how simple a process may appear at first. Defining it with all its exceptions and edge cases makes it much more significant than it seems at first glance. Often simple tasks end up more complicated than first thought. That is why it is so important to start small when considering a process for automation. The more logical and more natural to define a process, the faster it is to deploy a process that is less prone to errors.

Selected processes should be worth automating. Begin to automate manual tasks that employees will thank you for automating. Pick tasks that are “annoying.” Functions that take up a lot of time every day. Ones that employees hate to do but are essential for business continuity. These processes are necessary, but not enjoyable.

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