You Are Important To Us During This COVID-19 Pandemic

To Those We Care About,

Yes, you are important to us during this COVID-19 Pandemic. Who are you? Our families, staff, partners, associates, and clients. We care for each of you and stand committed to your safety as our priority. There seems to be a new challenge every day with COVID-19. A key challenge is making sure we take the necessary steps to keep everyone safe and healthy.

It feels as though the term "unprecedented time" has become overused. But it is true, for several reasons, we are at an inflection point in history that we have never crossed before. So, that is the definition of unprecedented. That should not deter us from believing that things will get better because they will.

There is no one exempted at this present time from dealing with this pandemic. We are all in this together because COVID-19 affects every single person in one way or another.

I encourage you to be strong and courageous. Yet use wisdom to stay safe and healthy.

Charles Dents
Automation Strategy Consultants

Racial Injustice

First, it is a sad day in the U.S. and an encouraging day all at the same time. I am saddened for the racial injustice experienced in the U.S. for over 400 years. It would be remiss of me not also to mention my sadness for the families harmed by recent events too. Those events involving George Floyd, Michael Ramos, Jesse Cedillo, William Green, Randall Goodale, and unfortunately, the list goes on. I used unfamiliar names of murdered African Americans to show that racial injustice runs very deep. So deep that there are many, many names we do not know.

I hope and pray that we can grow as the human race. Correcting the wrongs of the past is a long road. Unpacking over 400 years of racial injustice will not correct present-day injustices overnight.

I persuade us all to seek first to understand our past and the effects on our present. By following our history, accepting that it did happen, and moving forward with purposeful action, then we can heal our nation at a much deeper level.

Be encouraged and diligent,
Charles Dents
Automation Strategy Consultants

Charles Dents, President, Automation Strategy Consultants
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