Automation Strategy Consultants Virtual FinServ Visionary RoundTable Launch

Virtual FinServ Visionary RoundTable Launch

Let’s get excited! We’ve been waiting for this. Our Virtual FinServ Visionary RoundTable, sponsored by Automation Strategy Consultants, is a 2-hour event that will change the way you see things.

The first roundtable launched on March 17, 2021.

The roundtable is a unique opportunity for leaders to converge and collaborate on the industry’s business challenges. You’ll find that by coming together and discussing these problems, you can not only work out solutions but also establish new connections with other experts in this field.

The design of our roundtables will allow for flexible discussion in a small group setting. Each roundtable will consist of five to seven leaders by invitation only. We have designed these roundtables to be exclusive and intimate, giving participants a chance to share their insights on one predetermined topic.

The goal is to create actionable insights and anecdotal observations to let you get inside your customers’ heads and understand their needs and desires.

The roundtable output is an artifact that participants can take back to their company and the Financial Services industry. This artifact is created based on input from experts in the field who are passionate about collaborating with people from different backgrounds and experiences for the greater good.

We will conduct roundtables at least once a month or more often, if there is demand, with a new set of visionaries taking part each month.

Charles Dents and his team will facilitate each virtual roundtable.

Preparing for the roundtable is important, but it’s not that hard. All you need to do is think about the topic based on your experiences – both personal and professional – what worked well for you, what didn’t go so well, and why this happened.

Topics will cover subjects such as

💡 Employee Retention

💡 Cost Containment

💡 Digital Transformation

💡 Eliminating Data Breaches

💡 Cybercrime

💡 Fintech Disruption Of The Financial Service Industry

💡 Regulatory Compliance

💡 and more

Find out more detail about our Virtual FinServ Visionary RoundTable Launch in the short video above.

Can you add value to a roundtable discussion?

If so, and you are interested in participating, schedule a meeting, and we can jump on a quick 15-minute call ☎ to discuss the details.

More resources can be found here.


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