Robotic Process Automation at Scale

RPA at Scale

We have written an eBook named Robotic Process Automation at Scale. The following snips are excerpts from the eBook.

Industry research reports that only 4% of organizations globally are delivering RPA at Scale. Although there are great interest and investment in RPA, organizations are missing out on large cost savings in their operating budgets. Many enterprises around the globe have plateaued at 50-60 deployed software robots or bots.

What is scalability?

Scalability, defined as the ability of a system to adapt to changes over time. It is the capability of a system to withstand pressure because of growth. It will expand its total output under an increased load. So, scalability refers to the capacity of an entity to accommodate growth. In the context of business and technology, a system that can scale well can adapt. Adaption is adjusting to the changing needs or patterns of its users. It can do so without suffering negative consequences.

Scalability is a big deal because enterprises need to grow to be successful. Preparation is important so that their workforce and IT are ready for growth. 

Understanding scalability in RPA

Robotic Process Automation might provide a lot of benefits to your organization now. But it is important to make sure that it can scale when changes occur. A basic RPA project may be perfect for an organization in the present. It becomes a problem if the RPA initiative cannot accommodate growth. At that point, it will be a hindrance to achieving a meaningful ROI.

There are three key aspects to scalability in RPA. Handling load, expanding usage and increasing access…

RPA Scalability: Keys to Success

RPA scalability for an organization is not easy. But it holds enormous benefits for any organization. Many organizations are already embracing RPA solutions and reaping the benefits. Yet, as referenced in the preface, most organizations are unsuccessful at scaling RPA. If you are looking to go from a few robots to a hundred or more, here are some keys that can help you take RPA to the next level…

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