Achieve Great Automation Results and a Positive ROI With Our Strategic Automation Service Offerings

The following engagement services will help your organization build a framework to support successful automation delivery

Industry research reveals that organizations struggle to scale their RPA initiatives. These studies conclude the reasons are challenges in building a strategy, business case development, governance, organizational alignment, and a lack of a framework to manage the full life cycle of automation.

This type of industry research is why we created our Jubatus Strategic Service Framework™. We address each of these concerns plus more based on extensive experience.

The following engagement levels build on the previous level to create a full service offering to remove the trial and error of building a scalable automation program.

What is Jubatus (pronounced “yu-ba-tus)? The scientific name of the big cat, Cheetah.


Jubatus stands for speed, quickness, efficiency, nimbleness, and agility which describes our service offerings.

Level 1 – Jubatus Functional Readiness Engagement™

    Here is what you get with Level 1 – Jubatus Functional Readiness Engagement™

    • Ideation and Selection Workshop: Train selected staff on best practices structured approach for identifying and choosing the right process candidates for automation
    • Process Selection Prioritization Guidelines: Develop a set of guidelines for prioritizing selected processes in the organization’s pipeline to create an active flow of high-value automation candidates
    • Execute Proof of Value for Selected Process: Select a process to run a 2-3 week PoV to collect data for decision-makers to prove automation is right for your organization

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      Level 2 – Jubatus Operational Strategic Engagement™ + Level 1

      Here is what you get with Level 2 – Jubatus Operational Strategic Engagement™ + Level 1

      • Strategy Workshop: We work with your leadership in a workshop environment to get answers to key strategic questions to feed your strategic automation plan
      • Governance and Operating Model: Avoid automation project inconsistencies by creating a consistent operating model that aligns with enterprise goals and priorities
      • Analytics, Metrics, and KPIs: A base set of measurements to track software robot performance, risks, and successes
      • Short-Term Roadmap to Success: We create a 12-month plan that will put in place a plan to automate the right type of processes at the right time for a positive ROI

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      Level 3 – Jubatus Transformational Strategic Engagement™ + Level 2

      Here is what you get with Level 2 – Jubatus Transformational Strategic Engagement™ + Level 2

      • Automation Center of Excellence Playbook: A playbook that details set up of a CoE to end the guesswork and decrease time to establish a CoE
      • Automation Tool selection: Guidance to prevent choosing the wrong that could result in an inability to meet demand and scale your automation initiative
      • Analytics, Metrics, and KPIs Framework: A framework to guide you in creating measurements to anticipate organizational needs, discover trends, and predict ROI for timely and accurate decision-making, and goal tracking
      • ROI Calculator: A calculator that will create automation initiative transparency for clarity of automation program costs and savings
      • Long-Term Roadmap to Scale: We create a 24- to 36-month plan scale the right type of processes at the right time for a positive ROI
      • Organizational Engagement Playbook: Communicate the right messaging and the right time to avoid employee uncertainty about automation, digital workers, and software robots
      • Development, maintenance, and support: We will staff your project with experienced business analyst and developers who will document requirements, develop, deploy, support, and maintain software robots
      • Knowledge Transfer: Our experienced and knowledgeable resources will transfer project knowledge to your internal staff in the areas of  analysis, development, support, maintenance, and CoE roles and responsibilities

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