Achieve Successful Business Strategic Results and a Positive ROI Within 12 Months With Our Strategic Digital Service Offerings

The following strategic engagement services will deliver guaranteed results for your organization.

Automation Strategy Consultants
Automation Strategy Consultants
Automation Strategy Consultants

We offer three levels of core strategic services (GENESISREVEAL, and EMBRACE) and premium service (ELITE) with the addition of an advisory (ADVISE) service as remedies to guarantee the success of your digital strategic initiatives that address the business challenges identified by the industry research of Bain, Forrester, and Gartner.

Automation Strategy Consultants

GENESIS - Functional Strategic Readiness

    • Digital Capability Maturity Evaluation: Discover organizational readiness to scale for a competitive advantage, evaluate the alignment of people/process/culture/business priorities, and identify business service reuse/component library/change management/innovation to determine the capability of a structured approach to save time, avoid problems, simplify prioritization, and keep stakeholders well informed for sustained innovation and delivery.
    • Process Genesis Workshop: Develop a framework to select the right enterprise-level manual processes, effective prioritization of selected processes, and create an organizational demand pipeline of high-value digital candidates.

      REVEAL - Operational Strategic Engagement + GENESIS

      • Strategic Alignment Round Table: We take a deep dive with your leadership to answer key strategic questions. We then hash out the most efficient paths forward for you, saving time and creating digital initiatives.
      • Governance and Operating Model: Avoid digital project inconsistencies by creating a governance and operating model to consistently manage digital demand, make the right decisions, align with enterprise goals and priorities, and guarantee to scale. Integration of applications, technology, and service delivery to create infrastructure nimbleness.
      • Analytics, Metrics, and KPIs Axiom: A fundamental set of understandable measurements for financial transparency and quantitative data to track software robot performance, risks, and successes.
        • Short-Term Roadmap to Success: We create a 12-month plan that will reveal the right type of processes deploy at the right time for a positive ROI.
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          EMBRACE - Transformational Strategic Engagement + REVEAL

          • Digital Tool selection: Guidance to avoid unnecessary expense by preventing selecting the wrong tool that could result in an inability to meet demand and scale your digital initiative.
          • Analytics, Metrics, and KPIs Framework: A framework to guide you in creating measurements that anticipate organizational needs, discover trends, mitigate risks, create operational efficiency, and predict ROI for timely and accurate decision-making and goal tracking.
          • ROI Calculator: A calculator that will create enterprise-level digital initiative transparency for clarity of digital program costs and savings, understand the bottom-line benefit, and create consistent ROI reporting.
          • Long-Term Roadmap to Scale: We create a 24- to 36-month success path and a clear vision to scale the right type of processes at the right time for a positive ROI.
            • Digital Center of Excellence Playbook: A playbook that details the set up of a CoE to end the guesswork and decrease time to establish a CoE.
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            ELITE - Premium Services Delivered by 3rd Party Partners

            • Execute Proof of Value for Selected Process:  2–4-week PoV to prove digital viability to decision-makers.
            • Digital Center of Excellence Staffing + Knowledge Transfer: Define roles and responsibilities, staff the CoE for a fast, efficient start, and knowledgeable resources transfer CoE knowledge to internal staff.
            • Organizational Engagement Playbook: Communicate the right messaging and the right time to avoid employee uncertainty about digital, digital workers, and software robots.
              • Development, maintenance, and support: Staff your project with experienced business analysts and developers who will document requirements, develop, deploy, support, maintain software robots, and save on expenses.

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